What is a Connect group?

A small group consists of 8-12 adults who meet on a regular basis in a relaxed, informal, caring environment for the purpose of:

-Growing in their personal relationship with Christ.
-Building personal relationships.
-Spreading the good news of life in Jesus Christ.
-Growing in their ability to serve and minister to others.

What usually happens at a Connect group meeting?

-Bible study and discussion
-Encouragement and prayer
-Other activities as planned by the group

Why should I join a Connect group?

Small groups provide you with opportunities to:

-Grow in your understanding of the Bible and your relationship with God.

-Make friends and begin to feel like you’re part of the family here at Greenview Christian Church.

-Develop leadership skills you never knew you had.

Connect group Mission Statement

It is Greenview Christian Church’s desire to see people grow and to experience authentic Christian community and spiritual transformation in order to glorify God and make disciples of all nations.

Connect group Vision Statement

It is Greenview Christian Church’s vision that every adult, youth and child be connected to his or her peers, and growing in Christlikeness.

What’s My Next Step?

If you are interested in joining an Connect group, or just wish to receive some more information, please submit the form below.


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