Giving is the most simple act of worship we can take part in. It is a reflection of the hope and trust we put in Jesus.

Here at Greenview Christian Church, we see ourselves as a vessel to be able to pour into other ministries. With so many opportunities to serve both in Southern Illinois and around the World, joining with fellow believers to support them allows our money to go further.



Here are a few of the organizations we support, both near and far:

New Horizon Christian School

Pregnancy Care Clinic

CRAM – The Howe’s Serving in China

Jireh India Missions


We know that sometimes we don’t feel we are personally able to give because our need is just too great. But we firmly believe in the value and empowerment that comes with giving out of our need, not from our abundance. There are always opportunities to serve, we would encourage you to check out these other exciting opportunities.

Ministry Opportunities at Greenview Christian Church


Is It Okay to Give My Time Instead of My Money?