Just like a seed, we need to be firmly “rooted” in order to grow and produce. Jesus used this great example in the Parable of the Sower (if you aren’t familiar with this parable, click HERE), to describe the condition of our hearts to receive God’s word. Here at Greenview Christian Church, we believe in this principle to grow an amazing congregation of devoted followers of Jesus.



FIND GOOD SOIL- It is important to find a body of believers to “plant” yourself in. A group of people, unashamed of their shortcomings and aware of the amazing Grace of Jesus Christ.

WATER FREQUENTLY- Being a member of a growing church is so important for our growth as Christians. This relationship with Jesus was never meant to do alone. Meeting frequently and purposefully is crucial for our development as well rounded Christians.

PLENTY OF SUNSHINE- Staying in the Light is of the utmost importance. Our daily walk with God will ensure we stay away from the dark and get plenty of Light, to grow and produce fruit.

BE PRODUCTIVE- Being a beautiful flower is amazing, but God’s Kingdom is fed through fruit. Our ability to go forth, make more disciples and give back to the Kingdom is evidence of God’s grace. We believe that our works are because of our faith, not as a way to “buy” our salvation. There are plenty of ways to serve and be “fruitful” in God’s Kingdom.


If you feel called to get involved here at Greenview Christian Church, we don’t know why you would wait. Click HERE to get started.