Updates from india


The second floor of the orphanage is complete! Praise God! All we have left is to paint! God one again has provided in miraculous ways and we are giving Him glory for this accomplishment. With the new addition of the second floor we are estimating that we will be able to take in 50 more children which will give us a total of 120 orphans!


We have 87 orphans currently! Our children range from 6-19 years old. We now have four children in college. Two are in school for nursing, one is in Bible college and one is studying to be a teacher. We currently have a long waiting list and so we are eager to get our license approved to increase in number! Please pray for our children and staff!

Five Loaves Bakery

The bakery is providing bread for so many! We are now even selling to about 10 shops! This is our addition that we are working on now!

Widow Tailoring Program

This ministry is so very special! God has now brought us 30 ladies whose lives are being transformed through something as simple as sewing! In India to be a widow, especially a young one, is considered “cursed.” These ladies struggle to care for themselves and their children, but learning to sew, at no cost, is giving them a hope they never had before.

But not only are they learning to sew, they are learning something far more important which is the love of Christ! God is doing a great work in these beautiful and broken women!

We already have a waiting list for this program for over 30 more ladies wanting to join! God is so good!

After School Programs

Jireh now has 6 after school programs in different villages. These programs allow us to get into the villages and make great relationships with the children and families. We offer free tutoring for the children as well as food/snacks.

Leper Ministry 

Our leper program is truly being the hands and feet of Jesus to a population that society chooses to completely ignore. These precious people soak in our love and are very open to the gospel of Jesus Christ! We are seeing many turn away from the false idols and turning to Jesus! Hallelujah!

WHat can you do to help?

  • Orphan support; $60 a month 
  • Pray for the ability to purchase a bus to transport orphans  
  • We are praying about starting a 0-5yrs wing to our orphanage. This will increase expenses and the amount of staff we need. 
  • We are desiring to build some widows housing and this project will cost about $50, 000 and will house 10 widows. 

want to support FINANCIALLY? 

Click the link below and choose Missions! Then just add India or Jireh in the comments!